Jehlička s.r.o.
Kafkova 329/2, 160 00 Praha 6
Tel: +420 603 369 574
Web: – High Level Window Cleaning, Facade Renovation, Cleaning and Heat Cladding

More Then 15 Years of Expertise

We started our business in 1997, specializing in high level window cleaning, as well as renovation, cleaning and heat cladding of facades. Since that time we have gained a lot of experience and we are confident we can offer our clients reliable services at acceptable prices.

Our clients are mainly companies and businesses, but also private homeowners. We do not discriminate between jobs, as we deal with each job individually and with maximum care.

What We Do

  • High level window cleaning using mountain-climbing and speleological techniques
  • Facade renovation, cleaning and repairs
  • Complete heat cladding of facades
  • Caulking of panel houses

Why Choose Us

A wealth of experience and long-term client satisfaction

Thanks to our extensive examples of completed jobs done, we have gained experience with working on large buildings as well as on small family houses. Most of our clients have been with us over a long period of time.

Individual Approach

Each job is handled according to our client's requests and needs. We base our work on well-established and time-proven methods. While implementing these methods, we equally take into account our client's comments and requirements.

Reasonable Prices and Reliability

Our goal is to establish a long-term cooperation with our clients, based on mutual trust. Reliability is something natural to us, price is a matter of mutual agreement.