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Facade Washing and Cleaning

One of our specializations is facade washing and cleaning, be it glass facades, cassette facades or coated facades. We do work of any extent – ranging from a couple of hundred square meters to large buildings like huge office buildings etc.

Our top priority is always to deliver a high quality job.

High Pressure Water Cleaning

Cleaning is done by high pressure water. With this method we are able to efficiently remove not only superficial dirt but also long-term sediments such as moss.

Facade Sandblasting

The method of facade sandblasting can be used for very grimy facades or for the purposes of removing a certain layer of a facade. It is necessary to always consider the state and resistance of the facade.

Snow and Icicle Removal

As part of our complete maintenance services we offer snow removal from roofs and icicle removal from cornices and gutters in winter. We also provide installation of thermal cables which ensure passage through gutters even at very low temperatures.

Obstruction Permit

As work safety is of utmost importance to us – not only for our employees but also for passers-by – we arrange (even at short-time notice) Obstruction Permits for public roads and passages.

We also do coating and facade repairs.