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Panel House Caulking

We do panelstory caulking, and are willing to consider any project size. The main purpose of caulking is to increase thermal insulation, as well as water and moisture resistance. At present, there are several available methods for seam renovation, using:

  • Polybutene-based plastic sealant (Butyrub)
  • Polyurethane elastic sealant
  • Silicone strips

Methods Used

We are able to use any of the available methods thanks to our long-term experience with dilational seam sealing in general.

Polybutene-based plastic sealant is the cheapest option of all and it is still frequently used. It's disadvantage is its lower dilational capacity, and therefore relatively shorter lifespan.

Polyurethane elastic sealant or silicone strips are more costly, but provide greater durability.